Centre for Livestock is a social enterprise that aims to reshape the existing unscientific and unorganized way of livestock farming practices into economically self-sustainable agri business opportunities for the pooorest of the poor women farmers and landless labourers by awakening entrepreneurial spirit.

Sector: Animal Husbandry & LivelihoodCentreforLivestock_Logo
Place: Patna
Operating: Since July 2013
Partners Include: Prayas GramiVikas Samiti, Phulwari Sharif

Awards: The Bihar Veterinary College & Bihar Agriculture University award for innovative entrepreneurial initiative on livestock promotion & management.

Supported by: Dalit Adhikar Manch

DBS-TISS Fellows: Since July 2013


Venture Concept


Center for Livestock (Promotion Development & Management) is creating a platform to widen up the dignified and alternative livelihood opportunities for landless rural women labourers and small farmers by generating entrepreneurial spirits among them and promoting livestock farming with scientific approach and in organised way.

Since agriculture & allied activities are the primary livelihood activities of rural people and demand of goats, fish and chicken etc are flourishing therefore animal husbandry have a greater strength & larger scope to accommodate rural workforce. Center for Livestock is identifying poorest of the poor women belonging to landless communities and imparting farm based training on goat farming & management as well as facilitating them to establish a micro farm with scientific approach and with organised infrastructure at their household level and ensure livelihood options for themselves and this will also fulfill the increasing demand of goat meet as well.

Center started with the establishment of a mother goat farm gradually entered into contract farming of goats as an idea to ensure livelihood opportunities to poorest of the poor and landless women labourers and small farmers. Center has distributed goats to identified & trained- poorest of the poor rural women as the contract farmers of Center for Livestock.


Stakeholder engagement– Training & Consultancy
Contract farming as livelihood support to the poorest of the poor rural women
Vaccination and Medication support
Fodder Management
Technical inputs to all contract farmers

Maximum support price for their produced to contract farmers

Promoting Products– Goat and Poultry Farming

Special Thanks to Development Bank of Singapore –Tata Institute of Social Sciences Social Entrepreneurship Program

About Promoter:

Robin Ravi is a TISS graduate who has completed his bachelor’s in Rural Development from School of Rural development, TISS, Rural Campus and Master in Social Entrepreneurship from Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, School of Management & Labour Studies, TISS, Mumbai. Currently he is a DBS – TISS SE Program Fellow, since June, 2013 (Development Bank of Singapore – Tata Institute of Social Sciences- Social Entrepreneurship Program) as well as the founder at Center for Livestock (Promotion Development & Management). He is engaged in goat farming from last two year and offering opportunities in socio-economic spheres to poorest of poor rural women farmers & individuals and ensuring enhanced income with dignity.